a non-food crop for biopharmaceuticals and biofuels


Using environmentally friendly Camelina to produce biofuels for a greener world and biologic pharmaceuticals for the world’s health.


Agragen is a plant biotech and bioactive lipids company that uses Camelina Sativa as a platform to produce therapeutics in the open field. Agragen uses its expertise in Camelina transformation to produce bioactive lipids and therapeutic proteins while improving its agronomic performance.


Camelina Sativa is a non-food, oil seed crop that is self-pollinating and produces seeds with a high protein and oil content. It is an excellent seed producer with limited potential for entering the food supply and little potential for cross-pollination with other plants. The high value meal is a great source of protein for downstream uses in poultry and aquaculture spaces.


Agragen uses its patented technology to express therapeutic proteins in the sprouting seed and bioactive lipids in the seed oil permitting large scale economical open field production.